Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Twitter roundup

Just to rescue some tweets from their probably deserved oblivion:
I can't deferret, I'll defer it.
I can't defer it, I'll deferret.
I wonder if "racist" is such a slur b'se it sounds like "rapist." (This would also account for "papist.")
I feel like "pulchriturd" has a nice ring (or squish) to it. If only it meant something.
Re Pynchon -- I draw the line at Mason & Dixon.
My g-nome ate your genome.
Shakespeare was disbard for life.
Why is the wan king wanking?
RT @hellobigfoot By look of pee stain forming on front of shorts, is fair for me to assume you familiar with my body of work
"I'm having a terrible time in here," said Anne frankly.
I'm just a harem-scarem lad with ten petrified young wives.
Roman Polanski is your new tricycle.
Picture yourself with a stoat on your liver.
There are distinctions a mustelid must elide.
"There is, it turns out, an improbably long catalog of things that you can outlive." http://www.nybooks.com/articles/23430
Adam and Eve were ribbed for your pleasure.
Livestock and two smoking barrels #farmerfilms
(Poor judgment, if evident, is partly due to sleep deprivation.)

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