Monday, December 31, 2012

Gold teeth

I am sorry to have had to discover Dennis O'Driscoll through the obituaries, but this sort of thing happens oftener than one would like. Here's a poem with an excellent beginning. I might post more of his stuff anon, but the point of this post is to pair O'Driscoll's climactic image of gold teeth:
Whatever this day holds,
we will live to see it through,
to walk down the graveled drive,
its cindered, osteal sounds,
to watch stars like gold-filled teeth
chatter with us in the cold. 
(Reading Primo Levi on the train)
with Greg Williamson's:
There have been souls who drowned in pity, drowned
                In sorrow. Just last week,
There was a glimmer of something out on the surface,
       Then it went under. When divers went in,
                       They found gold teeth
                       And hundreds of miles of water. 
(Bodies of Water)
I know, I know I should make some New Year's resolutions but really, what's the point. 

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Alan said...

New Year's resolutions are first boredom, then fear. (You can imagine where it goes from here.)