Sunday, September 14, 2008

In Which DFW Kills Himself


I wonder if this makes it less or more probable that I'll read him. Less, because the formerly unlikely prospect of his writing an inviting novel is now quite impossible. More, because his shorter pieces will be all over the internet.

Amherst faculty were ambivalent about DFW [who, of course, was an Amherst alum and near-classmate of Dan Brown] pre-suicide. I remember Norton Starr ranting about the garbled math in Infinite Jest. Andy Parker reputedly said that I reminded him of DFW. Bear in mind that the one time I took a class with Parker -- "Big Books," my first semester at Amherst -- he called me into his office and lectured me on how my behavior in class "could do with some improvement."

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foodtech said...

Ah yes, David Wallace managed a hat trick's worth of major errors in his book about infinity. He also scattered numerous less momentous mistakes in that work, and abused the reader with a paucity of linking information (as in the present comment.)