Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Walter Scott of Walruses

This title is an example of what linguists call a snowclone. Turns out there's a whole blog, The Rosa Parks of Blogs, dedicated to this breed of snowclone. (via LL) Strongly recommended, of course. It's a fun exercise in absurdism: as usual with these things, a mechanical scheme probably generates more truly awesome stuff than a conscious mind, but I can't resist a few of my own (all alliterating) --

the David Duke of dirigibles
the Stanley Fish of stockings
the Bob Herbert of Hegelians
the Beowulf of blowtorches

Add your own in comments.

Addendum. The Hindenburg of handbooks.


pixel34 said...

"Insert name here" is the dirk diggler of dingleberries.

San Diego is the Bert Bacharach of Beach towns.

Sarang Gopalakrishnan is the community church of callouses

Zed said...

You're the Flava Flav of fecal matter.