Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dept of Loose Seals

Gail Collins's new column has a running gag that's very reminiscent of "Arrested Development." You should read the entire thing, but what I'm talking about is this:


“These folks are not potted plants,” said the senior adviser David Axelrod.

Already we have a big break with the past. The Bush White House so totally regarded senators as potted plants that it was a wonder that senior aides didn’t attempt to water them.
the Democrats’ job now is to figure out how to make sure the current economic crisis is solved in a way that allows him to deliver on his promise to do something big and ambitious about health care — and his other signature issue, energy/global warming. The Republicans’ job is to try to limit the big spending to tax cuts and short-term building projects. If the final bill passes by 80 or 90 votes, it’s probably going to be because it’s a watered-down mess.

Which is the sort of thing that nobody wants. Unless they live in a pot.
I agree with the sentiment, of course. One should also flag the following bit of information, which will probably resurface:
We are rooting for Burris to make it into office, since any Roland who names his kids Roland II and Rolanda is bound to provide a welcome diversion in the gloomy months ahead.

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