Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Sotomayor Problem

She seems generally OK if lackluster. However, this clown inadvertently dredges up a powerful argument against her:

As a woman, a Latina, a person who has faced a life-long serious illness

But, like, that defeats the whole purpose. Supreme Court justices are supposed to live and be liberal forever. I'm sure the disease isn't life-threatening as of now, but surely it pushes her life expectancy below 90.


Grobstein said...

Is it fat-related diabetes, by chance? I guess the "life-long" characterization says no. . . .

Westcott said...

Yeah, looks like it's Type I. I think with proper treatment life expectancy is not reduced much, if at all.

MoveOn.org should campaign for insulin kits in the Supreme Court.

Zed said...

Grob -- no reason to believe she wasn't born fat and lost weight later in life. (I was, for instance.)

Dice -- Dunno. There are all sorts of complications, cf. http://www.diabetes.org/type-1-diabetes/complications.jsp; as long as you're basically fine these are avoidable but once you start disintegrating they presumably accelerate the process.

Grobstein said...

(And Supreme Court justices are expected to serve well into disintegration.)