Friday, October 9, 2009

Unfortunate collective nouns

Culled from Twitter, where ADL and I have been spewing these:

A rump of rabbits, a slump of sloths, a rash of rats, a wallop of walruses, a mob of marmots, a bungle of baboons, a squeam of weasels, a blubber of whales, an embolism of emus, a gooch of gibbons, a blur of bloodhounds, a marmalade of marmots, a smegma of skylarks, a flagrancy of flies, a squelch of squirrels, a scab of seagulls, a froth of ferrets.

I won't bother with the attributions as they should be obvious.

ADDENDA: a proliferation of porcupines, a muddle of mustelids, a lap of lamprey, a bolus of bonobos, a pomp of possums, an opulence of opossums

1 comment:

Zed said...

A clot of clams, a tumescence of toads, a hunch of hedgehogs, a fecundity of fetuses, a vulgus of vultures. (all ADL)