Monday, October 13, 2008

Dreams from My Weatherman

This post, arguing that Bill Ayers wrote Obama's memoir for him -- as well as references cited therein -- is just wonderful. I love the not-so-hidden racism behind it; clearly the book was too well-written to be by a black man. (Ann Coulter, who called the book a "dimestore Mein Kampf," might agree with this take. Or not.) Note that NR is purportedly a mainstream right-wing publication.
There is nothing in Obama's scant paper trail prior to 1995 that would suggest something as stylish and penetrating as, at times, Dreams from My Father is. And when Obama speaks extemporaneously, one doesn't hear the same voice one encounters in the book. Now maybe Obama has a backlog of writing fom Columbia or Harvard that signal great literary promise, but he not only hasn't shared it, he's assiduously hidden traces of it.

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