Monday, October 20, 2008

Just Obambulating...

Ann Althouse points out that "obambulate" is a word -- actually a straightforward Latinate word. Here's the OED def'n:
intr. To walk about; to wander here and there.

1614-15 J. BOYS Wks. (1622) 597 Soules departed..doe not obambulate and wander vp and downe, but remaine in places of happinesse or vnhappinesse. 1633 EARL OF MANCHESTER Al Mondo (1636) 100 In the interim the Soule doth not wander and obambulate. 1694 P. A. MOTTEUX Wks. F. Rabelais (1737) v. 231 We..must still obambulate, Sequacious of the Court.

Life is obambulous.


Jenny said...

Strange...that certainly is more descriptive of McCain, particularly during the second debate. And if it were not merely just to walk, but to fly hither and yon, it would be descriptive of his behavior prior to the first bailout package vote too!

Zed said...

That IS true isn't it. I feel so sorry for all the undecided voters who have to choose between Obama and the Obambulator.