Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"That anagram boggled my mind," he blogged

This chief purpose of this post is to disseminate this marvelously opaque Tom Swifty that my friend Kit Wallach came up with last night:
"Well, my iPhone can tell me the atomic weight of tin," Tom snapped.
We'd been trading these for a while; here are some of mine:
  • "I feel like I'm losing it," said Schindler listlessly.
  • "Depends on what you mean by Belgian," he waffled.
  • "I must admit I'm hiding something," said Anne frankly.
  • "I'm sinking into the bog again," Tom repeated.
  • "He stabbed himself with a rusty iron nail," Holmes inferred.
  • "He was always a little eccentric," Wright sighed.
Speaking of which, Carrie Meldgin points out an (apparently) famous crash blossom, "British left waffles on Falklands." (And also points out that some of these are considered "croakers" rather than true swifties by Wikipedia b'se they lack adverbs and are more like "Tom croaked." I don't like this nomenclature as it sounds vaguely derogatory and the adverbless ones are actually harder to come up with.)


Elisa said...

I don't get the iPhone one -- enlighten me?

Zed said...

sn-app [Sn being tin] you see.

Zed said...

It took me a minute to realize that the "app" was the joke. This was in an IM conversation and I felt mildly retarded but after sharing the joke w/ some others I think that's just par for the course.