Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The large pile of crap at the beginning of the universe

This BBC story goes well with the previous post, I think.

A team of experts has been sifting through hundreds of sacks of human excrement. ... In a tunnel 86m long, they unearthed what is believed to be the largest deposit of human excrement ever found in the Roman world. Seven hundred and fifty sacks of it to be exact, containing a wealth of information. ...

This unprecedented insight into the diet and health of ancient Romans showed that they ate a lot of vegetables.

One sample also contained a high white blood cell count, indicating, say researchers, the presence of a bacterial infection.

The sewer also offered up items of pottery, a lamp, 60 coins, necklace beads and even a gold ring with a decorative gemstone.
(It is to be presumed that the items of pottery, etc., got there by different ways than the poop; this is not, however, specified in the article.)

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