Sunday, November 2, 2008


Esquire has a piece about "why white supremacists support Obama." (Short answer: because he's race-conscious and didn't intermarry.) The "survey" of four white racists is actually quite misleading because three of them are primarily Jew-haters, and the fourth -- the Klansman -- is distinctly not pro-Obama. This makes sense to me. If the issues you care about are The International Zionist Conspiracy (hence capitalism), miscegenation, and Holocaust denial, the Democrats -- or better far, the Green Party -- are a more natural home for you than the Republicans.

Is Obama a black racist, as the neo-Nazis claim? Probably not, but it's hard to be sure. I basically buy the line that Jeremiah Wright's views are racist.* There's a somewhat murky question about how far Obama's acquiescence was cynical and/or immature. To the extent that it wasn't, I continue to be a little dubious of the guy.

* The article is pure wingnuttery; however, the black value code it cites is real. It was on the Trinity Church website until the Wright story broke in March, at which point they removed it.

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