Monday, November 24, 2008

Thinking Outside the Ballot Box

This is a wonderful euphemism (Politico via Althouse):
“Democrats are [thought to be] more creative, free-spirited, so the idea is they’re more likely to make a mistake that the optical scan won’t pick up,” explains Hentges. “But when they recount the hard copy, those votes will be counted for Franken."

Yes, all those Minneapolis-based painters who drew unicorns on the ballot. It's interesting how, since calling minorities illiterate is beyond the pale whereas hippies and elitists are officially mockable, one routinely hears minorities berated for being hippies or elitists. (See also Grobstein.)

I have high hopes for Al Franken's political career, which is bound to culminate in a Franken-Stein presidential run.

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