Friday, November 7, 2008

Summers Here Again?

I must say I don't understand why Obama would want to appoint Larry Summers to a high-profile government post like Treasury secretary. Whether or not he's the most qualified person for the job, he surely isn't the only adequately qualified person (apparently Tim Geithner is being considered; I'm sure there are at least a dozen others who would do just fine) and it seems like most other economists -- really, virtually anybody else -- would be better at avoiding tactless and incendiary remarks.


Anonymous said...

I am told that Summers does, in fact, know his shit (when it comes to the economy).

As for how he lost his Harvard presidency, we both know that was a crock of shit.

Zed said...

Yes, but 1. he isn't the ONLY Democratic economist who knows his shit, as I said in my post. 2. I disagree about the Harvard presidency. A university president is supposed to raise funds and win friends, not alienate half the trustees.